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Multi-Layered Authentication

Multi-Layered Authentication Instructions

First Whitney Bank & Trust has chosen to use the RSA Passmark multi-layered authentication solution for our Internet Banking services. This service uses the traditional user name and password sign-on along with a verifying image that helps consumers to ensure safety. This solution also uses security questions that the customer chooses to help validate correct identity.

Initial Set-Up of Multi-Layered Authentication

  1. After loading the first sign-on screen, you will enter your username and press “continue.”
  2. The second screen will load and you will enter your usual password and press “Login.”
  3. The next Screen to Display is the Security Enrollment Screen.
    • An image will be assigned to each user automatically.
    • You will then be prompted to enter an Authentication Phrase. This phrase should be in relation to the picture that was provided for you. Please do not use any special characters.
      Next, you will be prompted to select three different challenge questions and supply the correlating answers. Please do not use any special characters.
    • The next option is in regards to registering your computer. If this is the primary computer that you use to conduct online banking, then you will choose the “Personal computer – Register It” option from the drop down menu. If this is not, then you will choose the opposite choice of “Non-Personal Computer – Do Not Register.”
    • To finish the Security Enrollment, please select submit. All entries must be completed.
    • Please keep in mind only to select “Personal Computer – Register It,” on the primary private computers that you use to conduct online banking services. If you are on a public PC, such as one in a library, restaurant, or any other public non-private machine, do not register this computer as a personal computer.
  4. Using Enhanced Security features on a “Registered” computer.
    • After your initial registration on a new machine that you have chosen to elect as a “Personal Computer,” you will logon much as you have in the past.
    • First, you will enter your username and then press “continue.”
    • Next, you will be taken to your Image and Phrase Screen. On this screen you will be presented with the originally chosen Authentication Image and the Authentication Phrase (this will be the phrase you initially created during Security Enrollment). Verify that both the image and the matching phrase are the same as you initially entered and then enter your password and press “Login.”
    • If you are having problems with your password, you can still use the “Forgot Your Password” link to reset your password, this will not affect your Authentication Image or Phrase.
  5. Using Enhanced Security features on a “Non-Registered” computer. (You will also have to go through this if you have deleted the session cookies on your machine. Often times programs such as SpySweeper, Adaware SE, CrapCleaner, and Spybot Search and Destroy will do this during a normal cleanup.)
    • First, you will enter your username and then press “continue.”
    • Next, you will be taken to a screen prompting you to answer a challenge question. This question will be one that you pre-selected during your Security Enrollment. After you answer the challenge question please press the “submit” button. If you answered this question correctly, you will be taken to the next screen. If you did not answer this correctly, you will have five total opportunities to answer this or another of the security questions before you are locked out of Internet banking.
    • After answering your security question correctly, you are again presented with the Authentication Image and Phrase screen. Check to ensure that the image and phrase are the same as those that you originally chose during Security Enrollment. Then enter your password and press the “Login” button.

*** Please print these steps out to help you when you go to sign in for the first time after the new security procedures have been implemented.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, but First Whitney Bank & Trust is working hard to keep your account information secure as you do your banking on the Internet.

Thank You!

First Whitney Bank & Trust

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